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Intertek is able to perform audits based on different standards and codes of conduct. They can be second or third part audits.
Intertek also offers solutions based on the best business practices as well as sectors and countries benchmarking.

Intertek is accredited for the four social certification programs:

  • FLA

    Fair Labor Association

  • SA8000

    Social Accountability 8000 standard

  • WRAP

    Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production

  • ICTI

    International Confederation of Toy Industries

Intertek has also been accredited in multiple countries by:

  • ICS

    Initiative Clause Sociale de la grande distribution française


    Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit

  • BSCI

    Business Social Compliance Initiative

  • EICC

    The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition

  • BRC

    British Retail Consortium (Consortium des Distributeurs Britaniques), organisation britannique regroupant les distributeurs de produits agroalimentaires

Intertek has also developed new standards for company’s evaluation and management tool. These solutions, which are web-based, include:


Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) The Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) program provides a powerful, cost-effective solution for companies and facilities seeking to improve workplace conditions efficiently and in accordance with widely accepted industry standards and best practices.
Anchored in Intertek’s extensive social compliance expertise, WCA has emerged as a powerful tool for evaluating, benchmarking and continuously improving supplier workplace conditions.

Supplier Qualification Program (SQP)

Intertek’s Supplier Qualification Program provides a world-class Industry Standard that drives continuous improvement through open benchmarking. The program‘s strength lies in its accredited training programs, qualified trainers and auditors, risk-based scorecard as well as a continuous corrective and preventative action process.

The SQP audit standard was developed by rigorously surveying the requirements of global consumer product brands and retailers.

SQP focuses on the consumer product manufacturing industry and covers the following sectors:

  • Generic Hardline Manufacturing (e.g., household & DIY)
  • Garment
  • Toys
  • Footwear
  • Trims

Environmental Chemical Management (CM)

Intertek has developed a systematic and comprehensive approach to ensure that chemicals are managed safely and appropriately across the entire supply chain.

Intertek offers a comprehensive on-site and desktop audit-based approach to verify appropriate chemical management systems are in place in facilities. Audits cover the entire journey of chemicals within a facility, from initial inventory to final disposal.

Think Green Initiative (TGI)

While retailers and brands work to demonstrate good environmental governance across their supply chains, suppliers are concurrently being asked to continuously improve their environmental performance.

Intertek’s Think Green Initiative (TGI) empowers leading suppliers to showcase environmental good practices while simultaneously:

  • Reducing costs
  • Improving material efficiency
  • Practicing green manufacturing good practice
  • Ensuring the organization meets the requirements of tomorrow’s employees, communities, investors and customers

With Intertek’s web-based platform and deep environmental expertise, TGI has emerged as the perfect tool for evaluating, reviewing and monitoring factories’ environmental performance and ultimately assuring improved performance.

Mill Qualification Program (MQP)

Mill Qualification Program, developed by Intertek, provides leading suppliers and brands with a new operating environment – one that integrates sustainability considerations with continuous improvement in the quality performance of fabric mills.

MQP helps drive much of the complexity and redundancy out of the procurement process. The program employs a unified and standardized approach for mill performance measurement in key areas, including social considerations, quality assurance, lab certification and environmental sustainability.

MQP has emerged as the perfect tool for evaluating, benchmarking and monitoring mills’ performance and ultimately ensuring improvement. Its focus on collaboration encourages a partnership between Buyers and Suppliers in order to create a better understanding of and alignment with sourcing strategies and expectations.

MQP bridges key sustainability measures with quality performance, so that purchasers can base buying decisions in accordance with value drivers beyond price.

Global Security Verification (GSV)

The enhanced supply chain security standards and criteria, including C-TPAT, PIP and AEO, have been embraced and implemented by the global trade community.  As part of enforcing and adhering to the international supply chain security standards, companies must assess their supply chain to identify, mitigate and eliminate potential security risks.

Intertek’s GSV program employs a cutting-edge methodology for promoting best practices throughout the global trade industry, enabling importers and suppliers to mitigate risks associated with the cross-border transport of goods, while simultaneously expediting their arrival at destination markets. Best practices are achieved through the effective utilization of resources, structured processes and innovation.

Intertek’s GSV program integrates multiple global supply chain security initiatives, including C-TPAT, PIP and AEO.  Our mission is to partner with international suppliers and importers to drive the development of a global security verification process, resulting in increased safety assurance, risk control, efficiency and cost savings for all participants.