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Who are we?

AET EXPORT Sarl, partner of the international firm Intertek, was founded in 2002. Renowned specialist in quality control at the beginning of the early 2000s, the firm then has expanded its areas of expertise to become a major player in the social and environmental audits.

Our values

Experience & Efficiency: Since 2002, we have conducted hundreds of missions to implement and monitor social and environmental practices providing you an optimized program to save time and money.

Integrity & Ethics: Our first satisfaction is yours. Also, we place your trust at the highest level of our requirements.

Skills and Expertise: Our consultants, auditors and partners have a high proficiency in their respective fields and are up to date with the latest legislation, the International standards and the customers’ requirements.

Our mission

Major player in the areas of quality control and auditing mainly related to social and environmental aspects of the company, AET EXPORT proposes to set up tools for the progress of your business.

Our experts can check your company’s performance according to the local or international regulatory criteria and / or clients’ codes of conduct.

We ensure that your products, processes and systems meet the quality, social responsibility, health, environmental and safety standards.


AET EXPORT operates in Africa. Thanks to its experience and expertise, AET EXPORT exports its know-how beyond the borders.